Yutate Kagura and floats designated as Fujisawa City Intangible Folk Cultural Properties 

Koudai-Jingu Shrine Grand Festival



Yutate Kagura and floats designated as Fujisawa City Intangible Folk Cultural Properties

Koudai-Jingu Shrine Grand Festival

Koudai-Jingu Shrine Grand Festival is an annual festival of Kugenuma Shinmei Chinza in Fujisawa City, a branch of Ise Shrine.
Along with the annual festival, the Yutate Kagura and floats march designated as Fujisawa city are carried out.
Yudachi Kagura is a form of Shinto ritual ceremonial dance that has been performed since the beginning of Kamakura era (late 12th century), and at this shrine, the twelve acts including the two-person dance are performed. This Kagura invites three gods, "God of the land of one's birth, God of Fire, and God of Water" to the place of kagura, so as to thank them for the blessings, to pray for a healthy year without diseases or disasters, and to calm souls.
The floats were made by the nine Ujiko towns of Koudai-jingu Shrine in the middle of the Meiji era. the floats are three-story and about 8 meters high. The floats are delicately carved and considered the most spectacular artwork in the area.
Ujiko town: town where people who believe in Ujigami (God of the land of one's birth) live. 


Koudai-Jingu Shrine Grand Festival

Date& Time

Aug.17 (Mon) 14:00~17:30


Koudai-Jingu Shrine Precincts

The nearest station

17 min walk from Fujisawa Sta.

( JR Tokaido line,

  Odakyu Enoshima line,

  Enoshima Electric Railway Line)


Koudai-Jingu Shrine office

☎ +81 466-24-5590 (8:30~16:00) 

※Japanese only


Koudai-Jingu Shrine


Koudai-Jingu Shrine official HP ※Japanese only

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9 doll floats made over 100 years ago and festival music

9 Ujiko towns pull one float each. Each float has a doll on top, which represents either historical figures in Japan or protagonists in Japanese fairy tales, such as Minamoto no Yoritomo, Tokugawa Ieyasu or Urashima Tarō. All of them were made over 100 years ago. The view of 9 floats lining up in the precincts, swaying, and dancing high above is spectacular. Many spectators come to the festival hoping for a glimpse of this highlight.



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