Great weekend of learning about Environment with having fun 

GTF Green Challenge Day 2022 in Shinjuku Gyoen



Let's have fun learning the "environment" out of many hands-on programs!

GTF Green Challenge Day 2022 in Shinjuku Gyoen 

[Green Challenge Day] is a day to support various challenges to raise awareness of biodiversity and global warming. We support any challenges by companies, local governments, or organizations and any actions by citizens to protect environment.
GTF Green Challenge Day in Shinjuku Gyoen is an event where the government, companies, organizations, and citizens unite together to creature a global culture of environment protection at Shinjuku Gyoen park located in the center of megalopolis.
The five programs of this event are planned in accordance with “MY Declaration” promoted by the Japan Committee for UNDB.
5 actions from "MY Declaration"  x  5 event programs
➊ ACT 1 Eat x Food
❷ ACT 2 Feel x Workshop
❸ ACT 3 Communicate × Stage
❹ ACT 4 Join x Photo Contest
❺ ACT 5 Choose x ​​Marche / Shop
“MY Declaration” is designed to let every citizen to recognize the implications of biodiversity in their daily lives and start acting something easy but good for environment.


GTF Green Challenge Day 2022 in Shinjuku Gyoen


Sat. 05 Nov ~ Sun. 06 Nov




Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden


☎ +81 3-3222-6262


GTF Greater Tokyo Festival committee

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➊Washoku: Introducing sustainable cuisines supervised by Chinese superb chefs

We will introduce environment-friendly sustainable cuisines in terms of using domestic agricultural products, cooking without wasting food and energy, and using reusable tableware. In collaboration with Japan's leading chefs, we serve new environment-friendly special menus every year. This year’s menu will be announced as soon as it is decided.


❷Workshop: Learn more about the environment!

A variety of workshops and exhibition booths by governments, organizations and companies available. There are plenty of hands-on content that you can watch educational movies or challenge quizzes. Let's learn more about the environment while having fun playing with friends and families.


❸Stage: Bring the power of festival and hope for harmony between human and nature!

Bring Awa Odori, Eisa, Yosakoi and other festivals that have been handed down throughout Japan into the event. The passion for harmony between human and nature will be delivered to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in a hot dance.

※Performers will be announced as soon as confirmed.


❹Photo Contest: Share your "GREEN CHALLENGE" on social media and win prizes!

Share your environment-friendly action on social media and win prizes! No entry fee needed. Please join us! The details will be announced soon.


❺Marche: Seasonal blessings of nature available for sale

Outdoor Marche and shops will be open. Seasonal products and local specialities available for sale. Environmental-friendly daily comodities are also available for sale. Enjoy shopping with local farmers and eco-firendly shop advisors.

【Support Marche】
In the hope of the recovery of fragmented or degrated nature in the disaster-stricken area, fresh and seasonal products from the affected area will come on the market! Let's buy and eat their products to support farmers and companies from the affected area.


Festival Report

01 GTF Green Challenge Day 2019

GTF Green Challenge Day 2019 in Shinjuku Gyoen was held at Shinjuku Gyoen park on October 5 (Sat) and October 6 (Sun).
Although the number of visitors exceeded 20,000, and they enjoyed learning about biodiversity and environmental conservation through six event programs.