Greater Tokyo Festival

Greater Tokyo Festival

About GTF


The Greater Tokyo Festival (or GTF) was established in 2002, for the citizens of the Tokyo region (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba & Saitama) to maintain knowledge and pride in our traditions.
We are now celebrating our 18th year, thanks to the tremendous understanding and support for our activities aiming for an even more lively Japan.
We aim “to pass on the tradition to the next generation and create a new culture”, as we continue our efforts in tackling social issues.
We will continue to increase the scale of matsuri from the Tokyo region, all over Japan and to the whole world, with the key concept of “creating, nurturing and living together”.

GTF Executive Committee


Wataru Goto

President of Tokyo Metropolitan Television Co., Ltd., Honorary Advisor of TOKYO FM broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Planning and Finance Chief

Hidetoshi Hasegawa

President of Heroes Edutainment Co., Ltd.


Yoshito Yamazaki

President of KYODO TOKYO Inc.


Yoshitaka Hori

President of HoriPro Inc.


Hideyuki Sakai

Vice President of International Management Group (Overseas) LLC, Tokyo Branch


Tetsu Kobayashi

Managing Director of TOKYO FM broadcasting Co., Ltd.


Jack K Itazaki

Advisor of Japan Sports Marketing Inc.


Kazuki Iso

Managing Director of Heroes Edutainment Co., Ltd.

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